About Us

Why The Feel Project?

The use of several hemp products has become prominent online and in Australia. After reading personal anecdotes, researching brands, products also studying clinical trials, it is safe to say that using hemp oils needs to be approached with caution. From unsafe additives to unethical sourcing, there are severe inconsistencies within (or between) brands and hemp products.

As a result of the confusing information and unhealthy additives, The Feel Project aims to bridge the gap of transparency between the brand and it’s consumers. Providing a reliable source of CBD oil The Feel product range promises to make individuals feel confident, healthy and alive. Our product range aims to provide a solution to concerns of both physical and mental well-being.

The Feel Project is a consistent, reliable brand to purchase your hemp products. We only work with ethical third parties across our supply chain, and our hemp is derived from the most reputable farms in California. You can view all lab results

The FEEL Project is responsibly introducing hemp to the world, with full transparency into our process. We hope you join the #TheFeelProject

As we continue to grow and produce the best products to suit your needs feedback is highly encouraged. Have anything on your mind? Contact us!